Desiring God Project

A standard post created using some basic elements including a quote, ordered list and a popup image. As a web designer you need to consider what people do with their hands and heads.

On the preservation front, in an editorial is provided with a spread of ways for safely storing your work. the primary of those is one with that you’re possible familiar: like several alternative services, associate editorial options an always-on autosave.

What is creativity ?

From a scientific perspective, creativity is your ability to think of something original from connections made between pre-existing ideas in your brain. These connections are controlled by neurotransmitters like adenosine, which alerts your brain when you’re running out of energy and reacts.

Who studied German literature, German literature is, who is studying medicine, is doctor who studies physics is physics, but who studied philosophy, this will by no philosopher.

But I would say that the study of philosophy according to specialization may be an ideal preparation for the Informationsachitekten. For philosophy teaches one to work on and to the order of the terms.

Adenosine is kind of like your brain’s battery status monitor.

If you decide to drink coffee or beer while you’re working, stick to no more than 2 drinks per sitting and try not to do this more than once or twice per week to prevent dependency. Coffee and beer shouldn’t be thought of as magic bullets for creativity.

Be grateful

Intuitiveness can be broken down into a sort of ladder, or a cake with three layers: legibility at the top, metaphor in the middle, and skills at the bottom. By way of example, the concept of scrolling (which we hardly give any thought to) relies on all of them:

  1. It has to be legible. Legibility is about having cues or signals that are unambiguous and recognizable.
  2. Metaphor is the framing concept. In the case of scrolling, either you think of a scroll (the papyrus kind!), where one end rolls up and the other end unrolls to reveal more text, or you think of a window in space that you pan around.
  3. Skills are the motor skills that you pick up. It’s the physical ability to click your mouse on up/down arrows, or to slide your finger across the scroll wheel.

For better or worse, we live in a world of media invention. Instead of reusing a stable of forms over and over, it’s not much harder for us to create new ones. Let’s buy this theme.